Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo on Investment Management for Individuals

We Provide Financial Awareness to Ordinary Investors

Devin Consultants works to make stock market accessible and comprehensible to people like you who have given up on the questionable business procedures prevailing in the retail mutual fund sector.

Your Personal Portfolio, Our Fiduciary Standard

Devin Consultants is a Registered Investment Advisory company, working as your fiduciary to serve your highest interests.

Investment Management Intended for Institutions

At Devin Consultants, our philosophy is simple: We help clients avoid overexposed investments and very risky methods in order to attain their long-term and short-term objectives. Our Institutional Services Group provides help to profit and non-profit religious organizations and charitable institutions, professional and trade professional associations, foundations, corporations and endowments, community associations and service companies, trust accounts and schools and universities.

The size of your company, foundation, association of endowment is not an issue, whether small or medium-sized. Devin Consultants can offer its expertise to manage your financial needs, whatever may be your need, producing more present revenue or enhancing your assets for future business expansion or other relevant purposes.

Being your financial counselor, we provide your company full assistance - which includes extensive investment advice, comprehensive project completion and current, on-going management.


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