Essential Needs of Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo


Creating More Wealth to Meet Your Essential Needs

Devin Consultants carries the fiduciary mandate to serve your needs as a top priority. Hence, we ask a minimal annual fee according to the value of your assets, not the transactions. That is, we do not demand commissions or third-party payments - removing a possible source of conflict of interest often seen in the investment industry.

What are your needs?

Right at the start of our relationship, we collaborate with our clients directly. Particularly your leadership, in order to evaluate the following essential matters:

• Strategic plan
• Short- and long-term goals
• Top priorities
• Mission statement
• Yearly budget
• Legal and financial structure of the organization
• Other pertinent issues

The information we get from you will be used to effectively manage your assets. The following procedure will utilize your information to build, institute and manage a financial plan tailor-fitted according to your goals and needs:

1. We undertake a meticulous assessment of your goals to determine your risk tolerance level and assist you in laying down a financial plan schedule dovetailed to your objectives.

2. We help you make, evaluate or reconfigure (if necessary) your Investment Policy Statement such that it represents your investment requirements while seeking to reduce the potential liability risk of the company as well as board members.

3. We create a properly-diversified asset distribution approach suited to your needs and objectives in order to achieve liquidity and minimize risk exposure.

4. We offer current, unrelenting portfolio care and management, along with appropriate strategic adjustments done through our day-to-day monitoring of your assets.

5. We undertake bookkeeping duties of your account, as well as provide you with monthly updates and access to your accounts online.

6. Lastly, we will perform regular review of Your Investment Policy Statement and Asset Allocation to validate that all aspects of your strategy remain viable and suited to your dynamic requirements.

Starting with the larger perspective to the tiniest item, Devin Consultants manages your organizational financial needs while focusing on achieving your highest interests.

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